By Cassie Gage, OKC Barons on 09/24/2013

Nicholas Tremblay is ready for the next step.

After playing in the ECHL with the Bakersfield Condors last season, Tremblay enters the Oklahoma City Barons training camp with an opportunity to take his game to the next level. Two days into the AHL camp and Tremblay is already excited about the future.

“Obviously I’m getting to play against some good players here, and seeing the systems and learning from those coaches is going to be a big plus for me this year,” he said following the team’s first scrimmage of the season. “I’m just trying to talk in as much as I can right now.

Tremblay is adjusting to his surroundings, and is even more impressed that the descriptions of the coaching staff, teammates and city are true.

“All the guys are really nice,” he said. “I’ve been out walking around town and it’s such a beautiful city, and I’m very impressed by everything. The organization is the best I’ve seen so far. It’s just amazing to be here.”

A group of people Tremblay is excited about working with is the Barons coaching staff of Todd Nelson, Gerry Fleming and Rocky Thompson. The trio has the reputation of being  player’s coaches and for someone like Tremblay, working with them is a career-building chance.

“I had heard really good that they were really good player’s coaches before I got here,” he said. “I was really looking forward to meeting all of them. Just to see how they handle themselves and talk to players and their patience showing the system, it’s really crazy being in this kind of organization.”

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