By Chad Hudson, on 05/21/2014

As the Oklahoma City Barons offseason is officially underway after a loss to the Texas Stars in the playoffs, Ben Eager is ready to prepare for next season.

It was a long and trying season for Eager, both on and off the ice, as he battled injuries and welcomed a new baby daughter into his life.

“All in all I felt good, it was a long season with injuries, but I feel healthy now,” Eager said. “I look forward to a good offseason of training and getting back at it next season.”

This season ended with a bitter taste, as he left in the third period of the final game of the season with an injury.

Eager said it was tough having the season come to an end that way, but he is proud of his teammates, especially the young guys he tried to help along the way learn the pro game.

As for the summer, it will be filled with training, but also his new daughter that took him away from hockey, but he was happy to take the time off to see her birth.

“It’s the highlight of my life so far. It’s pretty special,” Eager said. “I’m happy I was there and took the time off. It was a little tough coming back after not doing too much for two weeks, but I was happy to be there and excited to be back.”

With the season over and the offseason ahead, Eager has a familiar summer ahead preparing for the upcoming season. However, even after a season frequented by injuries and a first-round playoff exit, he received the greatest gift of his life: the title of Dad.

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