October 20TH, 2012 CAR WINNER


February 4th, 2013
My name is Jack Mitchell, and I was the lucky recipient of the GMC Sierra "Baron's" truck on the first Saturday of the car-giveaway promotion, on October 20th. I feel both lucky and blessed to be the proud owner of such a nice and wonderful vehicle! It was pure luck to guess how many fluid ounces of Dr. Pepper products were in the back of the truck, under a bright blue tarp! Even though I was several thousand ounces away from the actual number, I was the "closest guess without going over".....so I WON! I drive it to school every day, where I teach music, and also to church services - where I am the music director.

On most Thursday evenings, I help with Bible study and singing/music class inside the men's prison at El Reno. I get quite a few interesting looks when I drive my truck to the prison parking lot! Even when I go to store, there are always guys asking if I am on the hockey team, or if I have any extra tickets to the next game! I always do my best to explain how I won the truck, give them one of the Baron's full-color cards that has both information and the website, and encourage them to both enter on-line as well as attend the games.

The men's acapella barbershop group, "Music Central", that I sing with performed the National Anthem on January 31st. One of the members and his wife entered on-line after I gave them a card....and the wife actually had her name drawn for one of the Saturday night car give-aways......but she wasn't the winner. However, they both really enjoyed the hockey game, the excitement of the car-giveaway activity/game, and the experience of both. I had to cut out part of the front wall of my garage so the garage door would close. The GMC Sierra is not only the nicest vehicle I've ever owned....it's also the longest and biggest, since it is an extended cab! I'm not complaining about having to "alter" the wall - the truck is awesome! Besides teaching school, singing with the Men's Barbershop Chorus, leading singing at church, and helping with the Bible study at the El Reno Prison, I also cater weddings, anniversaries, and parties.....in my "spare time"! lol The new truck is exactly what I have needed to move/transport tables, chairs, serving equipment....and since the back seat folds up, I can even move/transport the food and cakes!

A couple of weekends ago, I went to one of the local grocery stores. When I came out with my purchases, there were several adults and children standing around the truck. They asked if it was okay to take some pictures of it! I told them to go ahead, and when they finished, I gave them a card and explained that there were several more vehicles that were going to be given away this season, and that they should go to some of the games.


 February 14th, 2013

Today was "Valentine's Day" and I drove my truck more than 200 miles while delivering "Singing Valentines" with the barbershop quartet.   We sang all over the metro area from early this morning until after dark.  The folks we performed for enjoyed our close harmony and "dapper" look (we were all wearing white, long-tailed tuxes!) but the majority of them were interested in the "Baron's Truck" that was in their driveway, or parked in front of their business! As we drove around the metro singing (drove over 200 miles today!), drivers were constantly honking and giving me a "thumbs up" or waving at me and pointing to the truck! It's awesome!

I met A LOT of really neat folks today while we were singing, and had the opportunity to pitch not only the Baron Hockey games, but also the amazing car-giveaway that is being sponsored this year!

This past Wednesday, February 13th, I was interviewed by channel 20 about the MAPS addition/construction/renovation at the school where I teach.....and the host asked me about the "cool ride" that I pulled up in!

I've known that I've previously stated it.....but this is absolutely the nicest vehicle I've ever owned, and I am both very lucky and blessed to have won it!  Thanks Prodigal and Barons!


drive away every saturday winner - jack mitchell